Hello there. I've spent my half century in Texas and Oklahoma. After realizing my rockstar career was the dream that wouldn't be, I decided to focus my energy to art and design. I graduated OU in '98 with a degree in Fine Arts (Visual Communications / Video / Animation). Since then I have been working as an Art director doing graphic design, motion graphics, video editing, animation and visual fx. I have always had an interest in photography but it wasn't until 2013 while volunteering with big cats, I purchased my first professional camera. Tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, mountain lions, linx's, bobcats, servals and an ocelot were my inspiration. About that same time, William Kaufman's Daylight's End starring Johnny Strong and Lance Henriksen, came along and I was the on-set photographer. I was hooked. While wildlife and my great danes are a large part of my passion and inspiration, my art director background and agency experience make shooting people and fashion a natural progression. 

My instagram is @davidburtonfoto14. I have been using this for my latest photography postings.